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3 outstanding asset management content case studies

Content you remember

So much of the asset management content produced across the globe treads an already well-worn path. The content is rich in insights, provides deep market commentary and is backed by intellectual rigour – but more often than not it’s delivered in pdfs that you would struggle to tell apart. Refreshingly, these examples of asset management content from the UK, US and Australia break from the norm to deliver content you remember. 

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UK asset management content: MJ Hudson

The challenge

Make the dry and complex subject of passporting funds more palatable.

The strategy

MJ Hudson created an interactive passporting guide that helps make clear the options available for marketing funds into and out of the US, drawing inspiration from international travel documents. 

The experience is fresh and playful compared to most tried-and-tested, insights-style formats. Desktop and mobile users move vertically through screens designed to resemble US passport pages. As you start each new page, copy blocks slide onto the screen and passport stamps land in formation.

On the final screen, users are invited to request their own printed passport. They enter their details in a form and a personalised paper passport guide is mailed to their address.

3 outstanding asset management content case studies

The results

Shortlisted as a finalist in the Thought Leadership category of the 2019 Investment Week Marketing and Innovation Awards, MJ Hudson says the guide has been “extremely well received”. 

MJ Hudson CMO Matthew Craig-Greene described it as “surprising, engaging and memorable, without sacrificing its usefulness”. It’s a great example of getting off the well-worn track and remembering that your audience isn’t just a bunch of suits; it’s made up of humans who like to be entertained.

It’s a great example of getting off the well-worn track and remembering that your audience isn’t just a bunch of suits; it’s made up of humans who like to be entertained.

US asset management content: JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM)

The challenge

  • Engage time-poor financial advisers with useful insights. 
  • Approach them at the right time, at the places where they hang out. 
  • Make the complicated more simple. 
  • Help them become better advisors and ultimately deliver larger portfolios. 
  • Raise awareness of JPMAM funds business capabilities. 

The strategy

JPMAM created an API tool accessed through the JPMAM landing page for advisers, which delivers a consistent stream of customised, actionable, phased insights with key trigger points around specific moments in the customer journey. 

JPMAM also created a funds specific Showcase Page on LinkedIn to house a downloadable, quarterly Guide to the Markets, providing “a comprehensive array of market and economic histories, trends and statistics through clear, compelling charts and graphs you can share with your clients.” For JPMAM, using easily-digestible graphics was key. 

The guide was also made available via a viewer on the JPMAM website. Users who create an account get bonus content: they can run a personalised portfolio analysis, create client-ready presentations and listen to commentaries.

Looking at JP Morgan Asset Management’s toolkit, including the Insights app with its drag-and-drop slides and explainer video, and Portfolio Insights Tools – it’s 100% on target for an audience that is difficult to influence, in an industry where there’s an overwhelming amount of financial news and information.

The results

LinkedIn reported20% increase in on-site conversions on the JPMAM site, tenfold growth in financial adviser followers on their Showcase Page, 200% engagement rates compared to benchmarks reflected successful achievement of clear objectives.

In 2019 J.P. Morgan Portfolio Insights suite was recognised by the Investment Management Education Alliance for excellence in communications and education for financial advisors among investment management companies. 


AUS asset management content: Bentham Asset Management

The challenge

  • Find a new way to capture the imagination of time-poor, information-swamped advisers (a common theme in this article). 
  • Solve a specific problem: gaps in client portfolios. 
  • Create something tangible of perceived value.

The strategy

When Bentham Asset Management decided to create an educational resource for advisers to share with clients seeking income and diversification, they could have chosen a digital, whitepaper-style guide with no-nonsense infographics and graphs.

Instead, the specialist global credit investment manager designed a whimsically titled booklet, The Odd Case Of The Missing Asset Class, which examined a conundrum: Australian investors’ portfolios commonly being allocated between two extremes, namely low-risk cash and fixed interest at one end, and high-risk equities (predominantly Australian equities) at the other.

Available as a pdf and in hard copy, the booklet is an ode to Sherlock Holmes, beautifully designed with charming olde-world illustrations that echo the Bentham logo and brand colours. The copy is also clear and succinct. On its launch the resource was supported by digital marketing that matched the illustrative style of the booklet.

The results

The digital campaign around the booklet was a finalist in the best digital marketing campaign category in the 2014 Marketing, Advertising & Sales Excellence awards.

Interesting to note that the resource was created in 2014 and is still available on the Bentham website, albeit “Revised and updated for use by investors”. This is a smart strategy: invest wisely in content from the outset, differentiating it with a creative, visual approach and keep investing in it, as an evergreen resource that keeps giving value and sets you apart. 

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