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BT: Define your future

Video and social media strategy

When you’re a kid the things you love doing are delightfully simple, usually centered around playing with your favourite toy. But if someone said you had to give up the things you love, age would do nothing to soften the blow.


‘Define your future’ video concept

A game move that’s usually reserved as a punishment from a parent, in a branded video for BT we asked a group of kids to tell us what they love doing…and in turn, how they would feel if they found out they had to give it up?.

Banking on the uncanny ability of kids to say it exactly as they see it, their emotional responses summed it up perfectly – “I would get angry.”, I would be sad.” and quite poignantly, “If I couldn’t afford to do the things I love I wouldn’t be myself.”.

The sentiment of the video was clear – your passions define who you are, which is why you need to take steps to ensure you can keep doing what you love now and in the future.

The struggle to get Aussies to engage with their super

One of the biggest challenges for superannuation brands is that people struggle to relate and take action to prepare for their future, which means they ultimately find that their finances fall short. According to BT’s Australian Financial Health Index, only 9% of Australians feel they can afford everything they want in addition to basic living expenses.

But what people can connect with at every age are the things they enjoy and are passionate about – and the results of the paid social campaign executed by The Dubs proved just that.

What people can connect with at every age are the things they enjoy and are passionate about.

Give the consumer nature of the campaign and the associated video creative, The Dubs recommended a three month campaign targeting four audiences across Facebook and Instagram.

  • Starting out: 25 – 34
  • Building wealth: 35 – 44 (primary audience)
  • Pre-retirees: 45 – 64
  • Retirees: 65+

Objectives of the social campaign

  1. Drive traffic and engagement with BT brand with a more targeted segment approach
  2. Drive traffic to the ‘Define Your Future’ landing page to raise awareness of the products and services BT provides and offers
  3. Drive impressions and CTR of 1% during campaign period
  4. Overall, drive credibility and awareness of BT as the most accessible and intelligent wealth brand in the market place.

The results

  • Overall reach – 2,606,777
  • Average CTR – 2.13%
  • BT also used the audiences that viewed the videos in other campaigns which increased engagement rates.
  • Nominated for a Max Award for Social Media Campaign of the year.

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