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The challenge of achieving a consistent global finance brand with a subset of unique identities

Blair Abbott, Mirae Asset Global Investments

In the latest episode of the Financial Marketer podcast The Dubs founder, Josh Frith, and Blair Abbott, head of global strategic marketing and business development at Mirae Asset Global Investments, discuss the challenge of establishing a consistent global brand that also allows subsidiaries to have their own identity and the freedom to engage regional clients with personalised and relevant content.

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With Mirae embracing a hub and spoke model, Abbott shares how the asset manager strikes the balance between global and local marketing. Looking at how this is achieved in practice, Abbott shares with the Financial Marketer how best to manage multiple remote and regional teams, discusses the role of tech and data in delivering the right message at the right time, and debates whether the race to ultra-personalisation is worth running.

For any finance brands managing multiple brands under the one umbrella or looking to deliver localised and personalised content at scale, this episode of the Financial Marketer Podcast is worth a listen.

The Financial Marketer and Abbott discuss:

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Josh Frith
Originally a journalist by trade with News Corp, I co-founded The Dubs content marketing group to develop new ways to create stories and deliver these to audiences digitally. Along the way we’ve worked across Australia, Asia and the UK for media giants, national governments and royal houses, big banks and the world’s biggest internet company, Google. But I think we’re only just beginning...