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How to design an infographic

The creative process

Infographics are a powerful way to translate complex data and information into an easily digestible format, making them a useful inclusion in any finance brand’s content mix. Designed to be clear, succinct and visually engaging, articulating your message in an infographic isn’t as simple as it seems – particularly if your strong suit as a financial marketer is your way with words.

Demanding a different approach or creative process than a long-form article, video or listicle, The Dubs senior digital designer, Tom Bradshaw gives a designer’s perspective on how to design an infographic.

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Tom Bradshaw
Tom spent 5 years working as a digital designer in the UK. A keen traveller, he spent 5 months travelling and volunteering around India and South East Asia - partying, relaxing and hanging out with orang-utans. Now settled in Sydney, he spends his time wrestling with pixels and keeping up to date with all things design.