How to Get the Most Out of Your Sponsored Content

A LinkedIn insider tells
Bynull Sarah Little. 11 July, 2016
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Not sure how to get the most out of your sponsored content? LinkedIn's Sarah Little demystifies the process of getting the most out of your next campaign.

Is there an ideal type of content for a sponsored post? 
Yes. Content that is relevant and valuable to the audience you are trying to engage with on LinkedIn. Think about what you click on in your LinkedIn newsfeed. Personally, I engage with content that is relevant to my role, industry, and clients and is therefore valuable to me professionally. 

How should people target their audience to make sure they don’t waste money?
We always recommend going broad and learning what audience performs best so you can optimise. You can opt to only pay when someone engages.

What advice or guidelines do have around using compelling images?
We find images of people are highly engaged or any visual that tells a strong story. Remember to use high-resolution images and make sure the image correlates with the copy. Don't be afraid to test out different images to see what performs best.

How do people most effectively target by industry or job title? Is one more effective than the other?
There are many ways to effectively target on LinkedIn. Ask your Account Director to make specific targeting recommendations that align with your marketing goals.  

There are 9 billion content impressions per week on LinkedIn and 15 times more engagement with content than job posts in the news feed

Are there sectors for which you wouldn’t recommend Sponsored Content? 
It comes down to who you want to reach and the message you want to push out. If you are looking for a professional audience and have a message that provides value or insights to the user, then Sponsored Content is recommended. We have rich, first-party data, so we can also aim to reach people for various sectors.

Any advice about using remarketing pixels or how to make every click count beyond the landing page?
We should have some exciting updates on remarketing in coming months. Stay tuned! 

What are the benchmarks for CTRs? 
We have benchmarks for various industries. Your Account Director will be able to advise you on benchmarks based on your target audience of professionals. 

What are the key benefits of Sponsored Content? 
Sponsored Content is a great way to engage with an audience who is not following your LinkedIn company page. There are 9 billion content impressions a week on LinkedIn, and 15 times more engagement with content than job posts in the news feed. Sponsored Content is an amazing way to increase brand awareness, engagement, emerge as a thought leader and generate leads. 

What are the key benefits of an InMail? 
Our customers are using Sponsored InMail to drive Direct Response metrics (Leads, CPL, and pipeline). This product works great for lead generation, event registration, white paper downloads and 1:1 engagement.   

What advice do you have for anyone who doesn’t have big budgets to work with and wants to run a self-serve campaign?
We are always investing in our resources to help our self-serve clients. Keep an eye out for webinars and click here check  to get started. 

LinkedIn: The Evolution
Members: 432 Million members globally and growing at a rate of two new members per second 
In Australia: 8 million + professionals use LinkedIn – the highest percentage in the world – incorporating 95% of the AU professional population. 
The UK: 20+ million members
The USA: 128 million members
Influencers: There are 500+ LinkedIn Influencers around the Globe 
Pulse: There have been 6 million long form posts published on Pulse to-date, around 150,000 posts per week.

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A USA native, Sarah’s career began in media relations on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, before she headed West for a tech career at in San Francisco. She is now an account director for LinkedIn, Sydney, and spends her downtime exploring the food and beaches of her new hometown.