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Short-form documentaries for short attention spans

Attention span of a goldfish

Faced with a constant barrage of information and brand messages vying for our attention on digital channels and IRL it’s not surprising people today are struggling to stay focused. Research shows the human attention span has now dropped to 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000 – which is below the average attention span of a goldfish! With such a tiny window of opportunity to play with, finance brands need to make every second count and respond to audience behaviours with short, sharp and engaging content such as short-form documentaries. 

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Capture and hold attention with short-form documentaries

Piggybacking on the growing preference for visual and video content, short-form documentaries are a safe way to tell real human stories using video as the hero and pushing back to loads of supporting editorial content to further engage the audience. When done well, short video content delivered on the channels where your audience already lives can capture their attention and interest giving you an opportunity to introduce them to your broader brand ecosystem. 

A tactic that’s proving successful for streaming giant Netflix and other brands alike, rather than telling you what makes an effective short-form documentary, we’ll let these brands show you.  


The human attention span has now dropped to 8 seconds – below the average attention span of a goldfish!


Given it’s all about timing, if you want your finance brand to stand out you better get in quick though – the bandwagon’s starting to fill up.

IBM Made With IBM

GE Focus Forward

Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Presents Unstoppable

ANZ Your World Your Way

Gatorade Ben’s Story

BMW Life X

Mini Clubman

Prudential Bring Your Challenge (This is an hour long video case study but it’s an hour very well spent!)

Canon Tales By Light

The Dubs specialises in storytelling for finance brands in a range of formats from short-form documentaries to animated videos, infographics and editorial content, get in touch.

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