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Singapore Asset Managers: What they’re doing right

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According to a report by Bain & Company, Southeast Asia is set to become the fastest-growing digital economy in the Asia-Pacific, leapfrogging China. More Singaporeans are doing their shopping, research and financial management online than ever before. In fact, since the pandemic, there has been a large uplift in consumer demand for digital content, with over 40 million new internet users bringing Southeast Asia’s total mobile connections to around 900 million. With Singapore being a nation of investors with over 52% of its population owning a stock or equity, it pays for Singapore asset managers to be using social media and investing in their digital content. Here we break down what the top three Singapore asset managers are doing right on social media.

Lions Global Investors: nailing Facebook content

Facebook is a great social channel to connect and provide valuable content to investors for Singapore asset managers. With over 92% of Singapore’s population using the internet and 4.02 million on Facebook, your asset management firm can build a solid audience if you design a tailored digital marketing strategy.

Lion Global Investors’ Facebook page produces engaging and easy-to-understand digital content. Its focus on educational content alongside market updates provides value to the everyday investor or soon-to-be investor.

The best part about its educational content is it uses different formats, enabling investors to gain information in new and fresh ways. This can also help ensure you capture an interested audience as your content remains dynamic and engaging. Utilising photos, blog posts and short videos, Lion Global Investors creates a range of digital content for its audience.

Fidelity Investments: winning over audiences on YouTube

YouTube is Singapore’s favourite social media platform, with over 5.08 million users. In fact, 9 out of 10 people in Singapore visit the platform on a daily basis. Creating content people want to watch can be a massive competitive advantage for Singapore asset managers. Building an audience and gaining strong engagement can enable your asset management firm to nurture leads and increase client acquisition.

Fidelity Investments Singapore is one Singapore asset management firm that’s doing YouTube content well. Having joined in 2021, they already have over 2.6 million YouTube views, with their market update videos gaining the most engagement.

70% of Southeast Asia research and explore new products or services on mobile.

Fidelity Investments’ YouTube videos are focused on easy-to-digest, short-form educational content that not only explains the investment market but also how to invest. Its market updates are performed by its investment specialists, helping to build trust and credibility. In fact, 63% of consumers view technical experts as being credible enabling your brand to be viewed as an authority in the industry.

Its educational content is fun, short and engaging. Created using animation, the content is easy to understand and targeted to first-time investors or those wanting to learn more. Understanding your audience and what they want to know is key to creating great educational content.

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UOB Group: dominating Instagram

Instagram is one social platform not many Singapore asset managers have taken up, making it a prime opportunity for your asset management firm to build an audience. There are about 3.2 million Singapore users on Instagram and around 21.8 million visits to the social platform a year. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, Instagram has a young audience with around 85% of Singapore users being between the ages of 16-24. This means your content needs to reflect this and should be targeted at a younger demographic of a majority of first-time investors.

One Singapore asset management firm doing content well and has amassed an audience of over 27.8 k followers, is UOB Group. While it produces educational content that’s tailored to first-time investors, what makes its profile different is it has a focus on ‘Telling the ASEAN story, one tile at a time.’

Rather than solely focusing on financial content, UOB Group shares life in Southeast Asia, travel tips, programs users may be interested in, and stunning photography. This dynamic range of content means UOB Group caters to a wider audience, not only people interested in investing but everyday people living in Southeast Asia or wanting to explore it. This broader audience enables UOB Group to generate and nurture leads from a broader section of the Singapore and Southeast Asian community building strong brand awareness.

What Singapore asset managers can learn

At the end of the day, social media is where a majority of Singaporeans spend their time. In fact, 70% of Southeast Asia research and explore new products or services on mobile. To generate and nurture leads, Singapore asset managers must be producing value-driven content across a variety of social channels.

The first step to producing great content that builds an audience is understanding your target demographic. The next step is to produce educational content in a broad range of formats, to ensure content remains fresh, engaging, and interesting.

Gain a competitive advantage, nurture leads and push clients through the customer acquisition journey by joining social media and producing high-quality digital content.

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