What Friends: The Reunion can teach finance content marketers
The one with blockbuster content
9 June, 2021
This is the one where we look at what finance brands can learn about blockbuster content from Friends: The Reunion.
Why a social media strategy is a non-negotiable for finance brands
Consider it critical
1 April, 2021
In a post-COVID-19 world, we explain why a social media strategy is no longer a consideration but a critical resource for finance brands.
Facebook pulls the plug on Australian media
But there's light in LinkedIn
18 February, 2021
Facebook may have pulled the plug on news in Australia, but for financial marketers, LinkedIn represents a more trusted and credible channel for distribution.
Wilsons - Macro Weekly + Aus equities What to send: 4 x images Tom will supply Word document including website and email copy Ale will supply PDF of report Who to send to: David Cassidy , Lindsay Clement-Meehan , Lucy Drew , Mariam Shelbourne CBA Ben post-production Friday 18 September - Dubs Edit Friday 18 September - Adam to share initial feedback to ensure we're aligned in the direction we're heading. We'll have the editor booked for Saturday AM so would need any initial feedback overnight. Saturday 19 September - Dubs Edit (half day 8am-12pm) Monday 21 9am - Dubs to supply first cut to CBA Mon 21 - Wed 23 - CBA to review and feedback. Thursday 24 - Dubs edit updates and amends Friday 25 - Dubs finalise and supply assets. CBA Anna Supers Adam to provide feedback Fri. Tom booked Fri AM Ale Monday Wilsons firm deck Please send Lindsay a first draft before her catch up with Brad at 11am. TAL Andy to start researching to identify articles to optimise and help feed into content planning CBA Pay talent. Have sent Zuz a note about paying Ben. He doesn't have an ABN. If it's just getting his bank details - Ben Wright Wilsons - media send one pager on media ecosystem KPIs for this campaign Including finance journalists
Measure and optimise
17 September, 2020
The Dubs social media experts answer the common questions financial marketers face when measuring the impact of social media marketing.