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The Best Content Marketing Videos of 2016

Our favourite brand flicks

These five content marketing stories reveal the high standards to which the rest of us are now being held.

Hootsuite, A Game of Social Thrones
Piggybacking on Game of Thrones’ watercooler power, the social media management system recreates the show’s elaborate opening credits, swapping the kingdoms of Westeros for the various social media platforms the company’s software allows brands to manage. As a Hootsuite spokesperson says about the video, “After all, uniting warring kingdoms is a story we know a thing or two about.”

Johnnie Walker Blue Label presents Jude Law in The Gentleman’s Wager
The Gentleman’s Wager is a clever short film featuring actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini as longtime friends, who enter into a wager where Law must dance to win Giannini’s luxurious 1920s yacht. As a big-budget piece of branded content, it plays on the emotions of anyone seeking a luxury, money-can’t-buy experience.

Tissues at the ready unless as, Jennifer Aniston once said of Brad Pitt, you’ve had an “empathectomy”

Artifact Uprising, On Legacy
The online personal photo book company plays on the notion of, ‘What legacy will you leave?’ with this simple yet powerful video of an elderly man reflecting on his life and family, and wanting to leave something more than money for his loved ones. Tissues at the ready unless as, Jennifer Aniston once said of Brad Pitt, you’ve had an “empathectomy”.

Intel Edison, Meet the Makers: Shubham Banerjee
Intel knows the next generation of Zuckerbergs, Pages, Brins and Jobs are nipping at the heels of the world’s most lauded tech icons. This video is the first in a series for Intel’s Meet the Makers campaign, which shares success stories of young people who are inventing the future. This particular video introduces 13-year-old Banerjee, who’s invented an affordable braille printer. Other budding geniuses include Ken Krieger, who developed a tablet to help fight the ebola outbreak.

Aunt Flo, First Moon Party
This one never seems to get old. Taking the humorous route with great success, this controversial video throws everything we ever knew about promoting women’s menstrual products out the window. Shot in mockumentary style, there’s no blue liquid and not a beach or teen-filled Jeep in sight. The plot focuses on a young girl super keen to get her period – like all her friends have already – that is until her mum gets wind of the elaborate lengths she’s gone to to fake her flow – and plans a First Moon Party.

Zendesk Alternative
In this irreverent parody, Zendesk has created a fictional alternative band of the same name. The concept is that Zendesk the customer service software company stole the band’s name but has offered them a large sum of money to pen a song about, well, customer service. This obviously chafes with the lead singer, who’s an artiste and all about the music, man. In very un-rock n roll fashion, the drummer saves the day.

Football on your Phone – Manning Brothers Music Video
Influencers can definitely help produce more engaging content if you choose the right person and DirecTV definitely hit the mark with the Manning brothers. The brothers, who have a comedic track record first seen on Saturday Night Live, and who play for the New York Giants (Eli) and the Denver Broncos (Peyton) are rapping about the launch of the DirecTV’s NFL Sunday ticket, which allows customers to stream out-of-market NFL games on their phone.

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Yvette Chegwidden
Yvette is one of the Aussie minorities in the office. A former magazine journalist and editor, she is a two-time Logies' red carpet survivor who transitioned to digital just before the print ship sank. She has created for content for brands both big and small and her hobbies are varied and include both wine and cheese.