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The best financial video content in Singapore

Produce content your audience wants

Video content marketing should be a part of all Singapore finance brands’ marketing strategies. Singaporean businesses that utilised video content increased their revenue 49% faster than companies that did not use videos. But getting your video content right can be tricky. Here we explain how Singapore finance brands can nail video marketing and what brands are currently doing it right.

Make video content your secret weapon

A report by EY found that Singapore has a highly device-centric population with the average person spending over half the day (12.7 hours) using their digital devices, most of which is
spent on their phone (3.2 hours). Over 98% of Singaporeans use their phone for social media and networking, and 96% utilise their devices for research on products and services at least once a week.

79% of Singapore consumers prefer videos to get insights about a product or service, over reading text on a page.

These figures highlight the growing need for Singapore finance brands to have a strong content marketing strategy that’s tailored to their audience. Video content should be an important aspect of this, with 79% of Singapore consumers preferring videos to get insights about a product or service, over reading text on a page.

But how can you make video content a part of your marketing strategy?

Video content marketing for beginners

There are a few key steps you must consider when creating a great video content marketing strategy. These are:

  • Know your audience – While you can create a great video, if it’s not tailored to your target audience you won’t be garnering the right engagement nor will it achieve your marketing aims.
  • Create a hook from the get-go – Studies indicate that your video has 10 seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Capture your core audience quickly and spread your marketing message succinctly.
  • Choose the right platform – Ensure you share your video on the right platform. YouTube is tailored for longer-form videos, whereas Instagram and TikTok are catered to short-form video content.
  • Optimise it for search – Having a great video isn’t much good if nobody sees it. Ensure you have done your SEO research and found keywords to use in the title and descriptions.

Singapore finance brands doing it right

There are several Singapore finance brands that have nailed their video content and reaped large rewards. One of them is DBS Bank’s Spark Series.

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This marketing strategy was a video series that told relatable stories of banking, with each video being up to 15 minutes. This creative concept resonated with viewers garnering over 230 million views and became one of the top 10 ads watched on YouTube. DBS also experienced a 159% uplift in brand interest and a 46% recognition score in awareness and advocacy. This video series highlights that short-form content isn’t the only way to connect with viewers. Instead, high-quality video content that’s engaging can help nurture leads and generate brand awareness.

Another video marketing strategy that received great engagement by audiences in Singapore, was insurance company Income’s life insurance advertisement. Income created a video that showcased a song titled “Semoga Bahagia” that many Singaporeans sang when they were young. This relatable and nostalgic content gained significant media coverage featuring in The Straits Times, Money 89.3 FM, AsiaOne and CNA 938. It also saw a 5.3% engagement rate on Facebook, 33 times the global benchmark.

What made these videos so effective was not only were they creative but they created personal connections with audiences. Creating relatable and engaging video content that’s tailored to your target audience is a winning formula when it comes to financial video marketing.

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