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The millennial mindset cracked

Years of research

With millennials having held the honour of being the most coveted customer segment for some time now we’ve done plenty of research over the years into the millennial mindset and what makes them tick. The recipients of what is set to be a vast transfer of wealth, financial marketers at almost every finance brand globally are looking at ways to bait this fresh batch of consumers and build (ideally) lifelong relationships. Sure of their wants and needs, millennials are so often misunderstood and even wrongly defined.

To help financial marketers make this the year they get their heads around millennial marketing we look at why millennials are worth your time and attention, clear up the confusion around what they really want (as told by millennials themselves), share their pain points, and offer some pointers on how to speak their language. 

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Millennials: what’s all the fuss about?

There’s a lot that marketers can learn from the millennial mindset. And, contrary to popular opinion, we’re really not that hard to understand.

Want to market to millennials?

Want to use content marketing to reach millennials? Then you need to know they don’t have it as easy as you might think, with many facing an uncertain future.


Want to use content marketing to reach millennials?


What banks don’t realise about the millennial mindset to money

When it comes to engaging millennials with banking, research shows assumptions have been made, and banks should consider changing their approach.

Finance brands act now or say bye bye bye to millennials

Millennials increasingly believe business is driven by self-interest. And they’re not happy about it. Rebuild trust or see them walk out that door.

Speaking the language of middle-aged millennials

The eldest millennials are turning 40 in 2020. What does this milestone mean for their relationship with the finance industry and how brands communicate?

Santander: A finance content marketing case study for millennials

Santander swaps sales messages for a magazine-quality content hub custom-built for millennials in this finance content marketing case study.

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