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The superannuation funds doing content well

Educational content takes the lead

Australian superannuation funds have been nailing their content, with a focus on educational and interactive content helping to capture and nurture interested audiences. Educational content should be a core component of any finance brand’s and superannuation funds content strategy, with 77% of marketers believing educational content is the best way to nurture leads. From Student Super’s fun and interactive year in review to Active Super’s free webinars, superannuation funds are helping to improve Australians’ financial literacy one piece of content at a time. But what are they doing right and how can providing educational content help your finance brand?

Student Super’s Year in Review

In 2015, Spotify released Spotify Wrapped, which provided an interactive look back at a user’s music preferences for the previous year. With fun interactive graphics and statistics, Spotify Wrapped quickly became a success with over 90 million people interacting with it in 2020 alone.

Student Super took a similar approach in 2021 by offering clients a ‘Super Year in Review’. Providing statistics on things like how much your balance has grown throughout the year, Student Super has provided a fun and interactive way for clients to gain a greater understanding of their superannuation and a way to visually see how it has changed. With 18-34-year-olds being the largest demographic on Spotify, it makes sense for Student Super to adopt this content strategy as it’s tailored to their target audience.

Similar to infographics, the Super Year in Review helps visualise dense information that would normally be unengaging for clients. Infographics are 61% effective for helping individuals learn and retain information.

Student Super showcases not only the importance of visual information like infographics but also the importance of thinking outside the box and sharing content in an innovative way.

77% of marketers believe educational content is the best way to nurture leads.

Active Super: Nailing free webinars

Over 70% of marketers say webinars are highly effective. Active Super has a rich webinar calendar, with each event tailored to specific audiences. By providing educational and free webinars, you are providing valuable content that consumers need, helping you to capture and nurture leads. In fact, 89% of attendees go on to check additional content on a vendor’s website after viewing a webinar.

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You can also continue to utilise webinar content even after the event. Active Super has done a great job of creating a webinar hub, where old events are recorded and uploaded for site visitors to watch in their own time. Additionally, you can splice and dice these webinars helping you to repurpose content in a fresh format, for example creating little snippets for your social media.

But what makes a good webinar?

  • Question and Answer: 92% of webinar attendees say they would like live question and answer sessions before the webinar ends.
  • Customer-focused: 78% of buyers will be put off if your webinar is too salesy or marketing-focused.
  • Passion: 32% of attendees say they feel more engaged when the host is passionate
  • Resources: 62% of webinar watchers find resources effective.
  • Australian Super’s educational content hub

    Australian Super has provided a great educational content hub for web visitors. Other than their blog posts, which cover a wide range of topics tailored to specific audiences, Australian Super also provides free financial wellbeing learning modules.

    Called ‘Money 101’, Australian Super has taken their blog posts one step further by providing educational modules focused on super, managing your money, retirement, and wellbeing. Each topic has several modules users can learn from for free. This provides in-depth information that’s easy to understand and interactive, helping to make their educational content engaging and valuable for users.

    Additionally, they also offer a dictionary of superannuation and financial terms for users. With simple explanations and an easy-to-use navigation tool, this dictionary helps to break down financial literacy barriers that often arise from finance brands using unfamiliar and technical language.

    Overall, Australian Super highlights how your finance brand can take educational content one step further. By offering free educational content your finance brand can create strong connections with clients, generate interest, and nurture leads.

    Educational wins superannuation funds content

    At the heart of it, educational content should be a core component of your superannuation funds overall content strategy. However, to gain a competitive edge, it’s important to provide educational content beyond just blog posts. Thinking outside the box and placing your customer at the forefront of your content strategy will help you create new and engaging content that speaks to your target audience.

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