Thinking aloud

Global content marketing, social media strategy and buying agency
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The Brief

The Dubs was appointed as Aberdeen Asset Management’s retained Global Content and Social Media agency in January 2014 for the purposes of equipping the organisation with a content publishing capability that would grow brand credibility, audience engagement and scale across their global markets.

At the heart of the programme is a daily editorial publishing schedule of insightful, thought provoking content under the ‘Thinking aloud’ masthead. Content produced is created to be equal to (or exceed) that available in mainstream press in the finance and investment categories.

Every article is distributed across the brand’s owned social media channels. Consistent imagery and headlines are used to ensure editorial content is visibly arresting and hugely differentiated to Aberdeen’s peers.

After analysis and in-market optimisation of its organic promotion, articles are further amplified to continuously increase audience exposure and reach.

The Results

The programme has won multiple awards since it’s launch in 2015.


And is striking in the accelerated growth of it’s owned social media channels:

  • 73,000+ Twitter followers
  • 38,000+ LinkedIn followers
  • 4.4M+ YouTube video views

Aberdeen Asset Management is also the highest new entry, ranked Number 10 globally by PWC in their 'Asset Management in the Social Era' report, June 2016.

As of November 2016 Aberdeen Asset Management’s ‘Thinking aloud‘ content publishing programme is active in over 16 countries and expanding across UK, Europe, the Nordics, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

What our client thinks

"The Dubs helped implement our social media strategy. Building on from this, they have been heavily involved in crafting the visual and branding identity for our content. As a key part of this they have continually supplied us with visually arresting and contextually relevant images to support our written, audio and video content. Lastly, they have had significant input in shaping our overall content strategy." Says James Whiteman, Aberdeen’s head of investment communications.

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