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Top 3 asset managers’ marketing campaigns 2022

Inspiration for 2023

2022 was a big year for finance brands. This year the best asset managers’ marketing campaigns looked beyond simple banner ads and boring content. Instead, the best marketing campaigns provided inspiring content that focused on education and innovation. Here, we break down the top three asset managers’ marketing campaigns to learn what they did right.

Best Podcast: UTI International

Podcasts are an ideal platform to distill complex information in an easy-to-understand format. The best podcast produced by an asset management firm in 2022 was the Inside India podcast by UTI International.

What did it do right?

Hosted by Ben Hayward, Inside India is a podcast that explores the new and modern India through conversations with global economic and business leaders. With each episode around 30 minutes long, this podcast provides expert insights into the growth opportunity that is India.

Here’s why this podcast won the top spot:

  • Delivered insightful information from experts in the industry
  • A well-produced and highly professional podcast production
  • A charismatic and intelligent host that audiences can connect with
  • Provide easy-to-understand educational content on complex subject matters
  • Released on a consistent schedule that enabled audiences to look forward to each new episode released each month

Best Blog: Momentum Global Investment Management

Momentum Global Investment Management delivers a diverse range of editorial content for every type of investor and client. It offers a specialised section of materials designed for professional investors, that covers the more complex side of investment management. Conversely, it also offers a diverse range of editorial, video and audio content tailored towards the everyday investor.

This year the best asset managers’ marketing campaigns looked beyond simple banner ads and boring content.

What did it do right?

Overall, Momentum Global Investment Management’s blog series is so successful because of the well-produced and insightful content that’s published weekly. The wide variety of topics, expert economists and business leaders, and diversity of content make its blog series one of the best out there. By dividing its content between the different type of investors it caters to a broader client base and ensures content remains relevant to everyone.

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Here are the top five reasons why Momentum Global Investment Management’s blog series is so successful:

  • Its site is easy to navigate and content is clearly divided between more experienced investors and the everyday investor, making it user-friendly and accessible
  • Prioritises educational and timely content that’s easy to understand for all types of clients and investors
  • Provides a diverse variety of content ensuring information is always presented in a fresh and innovative manner
  • A mixture of long-form and short-form content is incorporated (alongside audio and visual content) to cater to all types of users
  • Each piece of content is written and produced by a team of industry experts

Best Website: AXA Investment Managers

This year, AXA Investment Managers won the best website in the asset managers’ marketing campaigns awards. With accessibility at the forefront, AXA Investment Managers has created a dynamic and innovative website that helps nurture and convert leads.

What did it do right?

Utilising stunning visuals and an easy navigation bar, AXA Investment Managers’ website enables a simple user journey that pushes investors down the customer acquisition funnel.

Here are the top five reasons why this website won the top spot:

  • Visually appealing with strong branding across the site
  • Optimised for mobile use
  • A strong SEO strategy across the site that prioritises critical keywords
  • Incorporates a mixture of content mediums, from video to editorial content, catering to a wide variety of investors and clients
  • Information is easy to find with a functional design and clear call to action throughout

What the top three asset managers’ marketing campaigns got right

Overall, what these top three asset managers’ marketing campaigns got right was prioritising highly professional and well-produced educational content. All marketing materials were easy-to-understand and catered for a variety of investors and clients.

Simple-to-navigate designs alongside fresh and interesting content, made these campaigns stand out from the crowd and win the top spot in the 2022 Investment Marketing Innovation Awards.

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