What We Do

The Dubs is the content marketing agency for the financial sector. We conceptualise, create and distribute content to meet the needs of finance brands when articulating their stories to customers and target audiences.

How We Can Help

Strategy icon Strategy

We uncover what's preventing customers from engaging with your brand and build a strategy to satisfy their needs and the objectives of the business.

One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘how can content help solve the challenges our company faces?’ - this is the first mistake. For a content strategy to work it needs to start with the needs and challenges of your audience, not the business. This is where our process begins, with a workshop session that brings your internal knowledge and data together to determine exactly what your audience needs and how you can fill the gap. Armed with this knowledge, and supported by our own comprehensive research, we develop a strategy that marries your audience needs and ambitions with that of your business. This can include:

  • Content strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media governance
  • Employee advocacy strategy
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Content Production icon Content Production

Being a financial services specialist we inherently understand the industry is bound by tight regulations and complex subject matter.

We create compelling content that is creative within the confines of compliance, delivering value to your customers and your brand. From short and long-form editorial to video content, infographics, dynamic ebooks, white papers, custom research reports, blogs, podcasts and email campaigns - we produce high-quality content with impact. Our role covers:

  • Editorial writing and sub-editing (including editorial guidelines)
  • Social posting creation
  • Image sourcing (including image guidelines)
  • Video and podcast production
  • Interactive chart production
  • Infographic and animation
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Distribution and Paid Media icon Distribution and Paid Media

An integral part of our offer is the targeted distribution and amplification of content across social and digital channels.

Covering social media publishing, amplification and measurement we establish a scalable framework to ensure consistent, sustainable and risk-appropriate social media distribution and amplification that can include:

  • Organic social media publishing guidelines
  • Paid media planning (audience targeting, budget planning)
  • Paid media execution (creative execution, budget optimisation)
  • Reporting (KPI planning, social media reporting)
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SEO icon SEO

Content programs and SEO are inherently linked and keywords/phrases are at the heart of good SEO.

To ensure your content is found by your target audience we identify the short and long-tail keywords that are popular and relevant to their needs, using this search activity to inform the topicality of the content we create. This best practice SEO approach means you will not only be seen but will also find gaps in the conversation to own. Our SEO services cover:

  • SEO gap analysis
  • Keyword/phrase list generation to inform content creation
  • Competitor SEO analysis to help rank your content against competitors
  • SEO guidelines for best ‘on-page’ SEO practices
  • SEO consulting for website refreshes or rebuilds to maintain SEO ranking
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Website UX, design and build icon Website UX, design and build

We design, build and manage engaging websites that focus on real results for our clients and a seamless experience for your customers. From content hubs through to full-scale custom websites, our services cover:

  • Website design and user experience
  • Journey pathing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Application development
  • Hosting
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Research icon Research

Every digital content strategy starts with research. Not only a tool to inform the strategies, tactics and approaches we recommend to our clients, we produce industry reports that benchmark our clients’ performance and digital activities against their competitors.

We develop global insights to inform the strategies,
tactics and approaches for our clients.
Bespoke research reports are created to provide
comprehensive global insights into both clients
and industries.

  • Industry reporting
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Trend analysis
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